Most homes have high levels of volatile organic compounds, mycotoxins and molds. We worry about our water; but, we breath about 30,000 gallons of air, each day. We should be concerned about our indoor air quality, too. Today, there are viable solutions for indoor air quality problems. We can perform formal lab testing to understand the state of your indoor air quality, find the sources of any problems, and we can solve the problems, unlike 20 years ago.

We are competent, reliable, professional, friendly and fully licensed and insured.

We service West Palm to Miami and any storm-damaged areas in the state of Florida.

Mold Assessments, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Remediation Management and Remediation Services:

Was there a water event at your property? Even ‘small’ water events can cause big mold problems. Are you getting headaches or ill and you don’t know why? Your indoor air quality may be to blame. Get your property tested by Kraft Built.

Kraft Built, Inc. is a Florida licensed mold assessment contractor and a certified indoor air quality specialist. If you suspect mold or air quality issues at your property, call us to arrange formal testing of the air and surfaces. This will give us valuable information to work with. Today, unlike 20 years ago, there are amazing techniques, equipment and solutions to make your IAQ much better. What is even better, unlike most mold assessors, Kraft Built is a Florida certified general contractor, Kraft Built understands construction, remodeling and all things related. This gives us an edge to finding the problems and making solutions.

Insurance Repairs and Build-Backs:

Kraft Built, Inc. is a Florida licensed certified general contractor. Our experience, licensing, insurance and great reputation make us a qualified candidate for any insurance company and project. You don’t HAVE to use THEIR given contractors. Insist on Kraft Built doing your work. If we aren’t on their approved vendor list, already, we will take action to become an approved vendor for them. As well, we are capable of taking on any construction or remodeling project from any point in the process, from design to final touches.

Building and Remodeling Services:

Kraft Built, Inc. is capable of turn-key services, from design, planning and permitting to foundations, framing, project management and final touches. The professional Kraft Built team has the knowledge of commercial work, with the detailed craftsmanship of residential work. This amazing combination puts you in safe hands. Call Kraft Built for your next project, small or large. Click here to learn more

From Design to Final Touches:

More great news for you! Kraft Built also specializes in cabinet and mill-work design and fabrication and kitchen and general building and remodeling design and installations. If you don’t want to replace your cabinetry, we can do amazing things with cabinet refacing. Click here to learn more


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